High-quality natural rock products

The natural rocks offered by Grass Roots Garden Center are among the best selected decorative rocks for all your landscaping needs.  Here at our on-site bulk yard we offer the following aggregates:

  • Crush & Run
  • #5
  • #57
  • #89
  • Granite screenings
  • River rock, various sizes
  • Indian creek rock
  • Quartzite, various sizes
  • Slate chip (ADA compliant)
  • Marble chip
  • Well point gravel

We deliver all bulk yard materials!
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Grass Roots Garden Center can provide you with traditional and exotic items from the nursery to the greenhouse to complete you outdoor living space. When you visit the greenhouse and grounds at Grass Roots, you’ll be exposed to a fun and beautiful visual experience. Aside from the plants, trees and flowers, Grass Roots Garden Center customers will enjoy seeing our specially decorated displays, fountains, ponds and more that can provide you with garden inspiration!

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